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Spend Your Summer Without Spending Your Summer Savings

Summer is in full swing as we approach the Fourth of July. Hopefully everyone is situated for the summer with their perfect summer job or being their own boss! So as you start collecting those awesome paychecks, you’re probably burning to spend it. Summertime is vacation time for students. It’s the time of the year where you can make plans with your friends and enjoy yourselves. Especially when you’re not working. I completely agree with the notion, but hopefully you aren’t burning through all your earnings as you enjoy yourselves. For those of you trying to have fun this summer while also saving for the school year, I’ve compiled a list of some awesome ways to spend your summer without spending your savings. Read More

Six Summer Startup Ideas

Summer is here and whether you are still looking for that perfect summer job, want to make money on the side, or just want to be your own boss this summer, starting up your own summer business can be an awesome way to build an income and gain some business experience. So for everyone looking to tap into their inner entrepreneur, here is a list of some great summer startups for the summer of 17: Read More

A Diploma and 75,000 Dollars of Debt

Growing up I always considered myself good with money. I was able to pay for my own monthly bills, saved and invested small amounts, and never spent more money than I made. I thought that my childhood budgeting would be a plan that I would stick to and be successful with for the rest of my life. While that was wishful thinking, reality was much crueler than what I had imagined. Read More