How to Make a Job Resume as a Student

We’ve recently gone over some great summer jobs, but eventually just turning in an application might not be enough. Sooner or later, a job resume is something that you will need in life. Yet, most students do not even know what a resume is or do they have one. If you are one of those people that don’t know, don’t worry – it’s common to not know. Just to clarify, in simple terms, a resume is a document used to show who you are and what you can do. It displays your skills, education, and background information so that the reader has a better understanding of your experiences and what you’re capable of accomplishing. Learning how to make a job resume as a student is important for your future career. So the next topic to tackle is: how to make a job resume as a student.

Making a Resume

Google Docs Home Page

To make a job resume as a student, the best place to start is with a computer. If you have Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word has a ton of templates you can choose from.  If you don’t have Microsoft Office, Google Docs has a great template as well for free as shown below.

Google Docs Templates

What to Include

  1. Your name and contact information (email and phone number)Resume Template
  2. Education (School Name, Grade/Year, and GPA)
  3. Experience/Skills (Any Jobs/Volunteering/Clubs/Achievements)

A quick rule of thumb is to make your resume no longer than one page. This rule is not set in stone, but this applies a vast majority of the time. The point of a resume is to give a brief, detailed description about what you’re capable of accomplishing. Brevity is key here. Now you might be saying, “but I was treasurer for club X, played sports Y1-Y5, and worked 4 different jobs at Z1-Z4.” This is great and having too many experiences to show is much better than having too little. However, your resume receiver isn’t interested in all of it. They’re interested in the main points that truly show your capabilities, and they don’t want to have to search the index of your resume to find them.

Keep Your Resume Up to Date

Your resume will change countless times in the future – and it should. You should always be looking to improve and keep your resume up to date. The latter is pivotal. If you were trying to show your family what your friend looked like and all you could find was their Facebook profile pictures from 2011, they probably would have no idea who your friend was or what they actually looked like. Your resume is the same. Make sure to keep it updated with your best and recent accomplishments.

How to Make a Job Resume as a Student Better

If your resume doesn’t seem up to par or if you’re ambitions, there’s always ways to add to your resume. One of the qualities any job, school, or company looks for is DIVERSITY. Diversity could mean a lot of things, but the best way to portray yourself as diverse is to have a range of experiences that encapsulate many qualities/skills. Here is a list of several areas that you could improve or add as you make your resume as a student.

Academics – Improving your grades is always a way to boost your resume. Your academics reflect your success as a student, which is your primary job at the time. Plus seeing a 4.0 on someone’s resume jumps out to whoever is reading it.

Athletics – Sports are a great way to express dedication, teamwork, and communication.

Creative Arts – Music/Arts are unique skills that display creativity, communication, and balance in lives.

Jobs – As expected, the best way to gain skills that will be used in jobs is to get the experience from having jobs.

Volunteering – Additionally, volunteering is a great addition to any resume. Not only can you build skills through volunteering, but the altruistic side of it is viewed very favorably.

Skills – Another great way to improve your resume is to add skills you’re capable of doing. For example, computer skills are looked at very favorably in a variety of fields as we gear more towards technology.