Camp Fire

Spend Your Summer Without Spending Your Summer Savings

Summer is in full swing as we approach the Fourth of July. Hopefully everyone is situated for the summer with their perfect summer job or being their own boss! So as you start collecting those awesome paychecks, you’re probably burning to spend it. Summertime is vacation time for students. It’s the time of the year where you can make plans with your friends and enjoy yourselves. Especially when you’re not working. I completely agree with the notion, but hopefully you aren’t burning through all your earnings as you enjoy yourselves. For those of you trying to have fun this summer while also saving for the school year, I’ve compiled a list of some awesome ways to spend your summer without spending your savings.

Wiffle Ball League

BaseballFor anyone that enjoys sports, this is a must do. Wiffle Ball is an easy to set up game and you can buy a Wiffle Ball Set for less than 20 dollars. For those of you that are familiar with baseball, don’t worry about fielding a full team. Wiffle Ball is a game that can be played with as little as 2 people. Here’s a sweet game play summary and explanation here for everyone that doesn’t know how to play. We used used to use the back of a fold up chair as the strike zone and shoes as the base markers if you have any of those lying around.


GrillingA barbecue is something everyone can enjoy. It’s an awesome way to get everyone together and enjoy the summer weather. Even if you want to stay inside for your gathering, you can still enjoy a barbecue while an unfortunate designated cook prepares everything outside. All you need is a grill, some fuel (charcoal or propane), and have everyone chip in or bring some food. For the food, it’s cheaper to buy in bulk so if anyone’s parents has a Costco/Sam’s club/BJ’s membership, check out their selection before going to the grocery store.

You can always add yard games to the event like horse shoes, cornhole, or any sport. This is something that you could do in a backyard or you could check out a local park to host your barbecue. Parks are an awesome place to check because some already have a grill available. Plus they often have extra perks like sports’ fields, swing-sets, seating, and pavilions.

Game Night

Board Games

Having a game night is a fun way to spend your summer nights. This could be a huge variety of activities. You could decide to pick one of your favorite board games like Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity, or Sorry. It could also be a card night where you have a poker tournament or play Rummy 500. Heck, if anyone has an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, you could pick a bunch of your favorite games and take on the night.


This activity is awesome because you can enjoy it late night when everyone’s schedules match up. Most of the time, people already have the games so there’s nothing to even purchase. Unless you want to get snacks for everyone or try something new.

Man Hunt, Flashlight Tag, or Capture the Flag


StarsIf you’re looking to spend your summer outdoors at night, Flashlight Tag or Man Hunt are musts. They’re both great games to stay active and enjoy with a group of friends. The only piece of equipment you need is a flashlight. However, I guarantee you or one of your friends will have one at home. If you aren’t able to get together at night, Capture the Flag is the perfect daytime alternative.

You can check out the rules for Flashlight Tag, Man Hunt, and Capture the flag with these links.



Camp Fire

Would it really be right if you didn’t spend your summer without a campfire? A campfire is a fun way to relax and socialize with all of your friends. It’s easy to set up if someone has a yard for a natural campfire. However, if you don’t, it’s even easier to set up in a fire pit. Then you can grab some portable speakers and lighten up the night even more with some music. Bring out the graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows to make some s’mores.

A bonfire is an awesome social event that you can add to in a variety of ways. During my second summer of college, this was how most of my nights were spent with friends. After everyone finished working, we would light up a campfire in a Fire Pit. Next we would set up a pair of floodlights and play corn hole, while we had someone playing songs by request through a speaker.  

Just make sure to always use caution and follow proper protocol when setting up a fire.